Learn to see and receive your partner fully by validating each other’s perspectives and becoming communication masters.

Kat Malickay
The Love Expert

Kat Malickay here: an open-minded, creative, passionate and playful relationship, couple communication coach & dating expert. I am easy to talk to and instantly make my clients feel at ease because I truly get them; never taking myself too seriously. I bravely call things what they are to challenge both sides of a couple’s story to find clarity. My coaching style is very unique; I intuitively go where others would hesitate to step foot. I believe that everything is possible in the game of love once we learn how to communicate with ease. And the result? My clients find that aha moment when they finally accept themselves, become alive and start to experience relationships through the lens of their playful side.

Who is this for?

  • Married Couples dealing with communication breakdown, ineffective conflict management, trust and intimacy issues, infidelity
  • Unmarried/Engaged Couples entering a new relationship stage, navigating through their differences or consciously uncoupling
  • Individuals in relationships desiring to become better partners and learning to connect in a healthy way
  • Partners on a crossroads struggling to make a decision of staying or leaving their relationship
  • Couples or individuals going through separation, divorce or complex family hardship
  • Singles looking for love and dating advice
  • People with destructive relationship patterns (codependency, love/sex addiction, lack of self-worth/self-love, commitment issues)
  • LGBT Community experience
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You don’t stop because you get older. You get older because you stop being alive.

We are all wired for connection.

The mind values complicated things. Our relationships similarly so seem to be hugely complex and entangled. But behind every relationship’s complexity lies a manageable cycle. My intuitively explorative coaching approach achieves instant energy shifts as we discover the deep roots of your underlying issues. I am here to hit the nail on the head, and I am not afraid to help you envisage and achieve all that is possible for you. My methodologies essentially focus on bringing a couple from a reactive to a receptive and appreciative state- or turning its behavioural sequences around by disrupting the pattern of their disagreements. I teach my clients effective techniques how to remain present, become a better person and own themselves whilst profoundly connecting and making each other feel great again.

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