From Chaos to Clarity

Repair is never possible in the absence of personal responsibility. The improvement ultimately lies in our ability to rediscover what we think we already know.

Ready for a transformation?

Do you wonder if the way you’re feeling is just another stage of life or a full-on identity crisis? Do you truly love your partner, but you simply don’t feel ‘seen’ or understood? Have you grown miles apart? Do you struggle to remember when you supported each other and felt like a real team? Perhaps you are great communicators, but you’ve stopped really listening to what the other one is saying. Maybe you have an open mind, are problem fixers, are highly ambitious and have finally decided that you are ready to invest in a transformational shift. Now let me tell you that you’ve come to the right place. It is not too late to rescue your relationship.

What to expect?

  • A serene, welcoming and highly constructive environment providing clarity and redirecting focus
  • Intuitive and powerful coaching approach focusing on behavioural change, exploration of relationship dynamics, survival cycles, as well as the complementing qualities of the masculine and feminine energy
  • Limitless transformative potential focusing on igniting the couple’s passions and making them feel radiantly alive whilst showing up for themselves fully
  • Playful exercises and fun quiz tasks in between weekly sessions
  • Profound improvement of communication, connection and intimacy through the 7A’s Approach
  • Calls offered to couples together but also to each partner separately as well as individual dating coaching
  • Self-acceptance and self-growth accelerated by a powerful focus on the individuals as well as the couple as a unit

Coaching vs. Therapy

Are you still wondering what the biggest difference is between coaching and therapy?
Whilst couples in therapy are looking to heal and get better, clients receiving coaching are looking to achieve specific results. Coaching, therefore, takes strategic action to change lives. And couples coaching is about transforming your relationship habits in the present to subsequently get the results you want in the future.

“Working with Kat has really helped my marriage, on the edge of a breakup with her help we have managed to move further from the edge and things are improving with every session. I have faith she understands both perspectives and is able to find a middle ground. I do now believe that in time we will have a much more loving relationship because of skills Kat has taught us.

— Charlotte W.

The results we have had from working with Kat in just a few sessions have been fantastic. Kat managed to pinpoint exactly what our main issues were within the first session, and provided us with advice and tools to start improving our situation straight away. We have worked with relationship counsellors in the past which haven’t made a difference, so we were reluctant to try again. But I’m so glad we did. Kat has a very different approach. She gets to the root of the problem very quickly, so that lasting change can take place. I would recommend Kat to anyone who needs a bit of helping hand with their relationship..”

— Karen G.

Kat helped me change my negative belief system about men and to rather focus on myself and what men find attractive in me. She brought my awareness to the concept of availability: a man’s and my own. I am now more mindful of the signals I send out. Kat speaks from her own experience of relationships, which I found valuable.”

— Claire B.

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