A truly secure connection and functioning in a couple manifests in a receptive rather than a reactive state. The focus shifts from fixing our partner to what is best for the relationship as a unit.

A secure functioning in a couple is about two people coming together with a shared vision, fully invested, whilst sharing their power and their authority, and putting their relationship above anything else. The relationship becomes somewhat of a ‘higher purpose’ and is always being served first. Decisions are made based on what is ‘good for us’ rather than throwing each other under the bus. The process of the transformation in my sessions therefore targets a couple as a team rather than assisting two individuals in fixing each other. Each partner focusses on the ideal relationship rather than the ‘perfect partner’. And by working together as a strong team, key intentions are reached and ideas get mutually moved forward.

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Commitment to be the Best Me

One of the things my clients repeatedly point out is that they were clueless about just how much commitment and everyday work fixing a relationship requires. In reality the major part gets implemented by the couple at home through little daily decisions- and so my guidance, even if excellent, can be totally wasted if notContinue reading “Commitment to be the Best Me”

NVC Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent communication? What would the violent one look like? Most of us have experienced it and it manifests in an aggressive choice of talk, the inability to listen or empathise, or to fail to find a common ground. Compassionate or collaborative communication is scientifically proven and was invented by Marshall Rosenberg in 1960, based onContinue reading “NVC Nonviolent Communication”

Staying emotionally connected

Some of us talk a lot, even too much, and it is important for us to have people around us who we can have deep, meaningful conversations with at the fireplace with a glass of wine. Unfortunately, we don’t always talk about our emotions, impressions, worries or dreams to our partners. Why is that? SometimesContinue reading “Staying emotionally connected”

The new relationship rules

On some level we all know that after Covid-19 our lives will never ‘get back to normal’; as they will merely ‘get back to the new norm’. But here is how our relationships are undeniably shifting: We are creating brand new relationship standards. For some of us it is super awkward to hug others orContinue reading “The new relationship rules”

When communication sparks joy

Communication is definitely the most important indicator of a strong relationship. Although a lot of people are great communicators, not all are good listeners. And active listening does not just mean being able to repeat what our partner has said. It means truly understanding the deeper meaning and see where they’re coming from, as wellContinue reading “When communication sparks joy”

What is your survival strategy?

Most couples who come to me clearly appear to struggle with emotional regulation and emotional connection. But what exactly is this and how does it manifest? And how can couples start to recognise and validate what it is that is really going on in each other’s inner words? Our survival strategy is the behavioural patternsContinue reading “What is your survival strategy?”

Is there a future for the two of you?

Most of us place exponential expectations on our chosen companion. We want them to fulfil us emotionally, sexually, romantically, intellectually, spiritually… and forever. So how do you actually know if your relationship chance of surviving and thriving? If your answer to most of the below statements is ‘yes’, don’t hesitate and RESUSCITATE 🙂 :

1. We are each other’s priority in life
2. We enjoy spending quality time together
3. We are still learning and growing when together
4. We have a similar sense of humour and our own banter
5. We are both committed to taking active steps to reconnect
6. We are ready to allow an expert to bring out our best selves
7. We are open-minded people and are both willing to put work in
8. We respond positively to each other’s good news and emotions
9. We care about each other and there is love (even if we’re not ‘in love’)

It’s complicated. But it doesn’t have to be.

Please don’t hesitate, and reach out to me to find out how I can help you get from chaos to clarity.

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