The new relationship rules

On some level we all know that after Covid-19 our lives will never ‘get back to normal’; as they will merely ‘get back to the new norm’. But here is how our relationships are undeniably shifting:

We are creating brand new relationship standards. For some of us it is super awkward to hug others or kiss them. We will definitely think twice who we hang out with or get close to or intimate with. We might think twice before we swipe on dating apps. And all of us will make mistakes at some point.

We will value quality above quantity. Time, touch and our energy have become more treasured than ever so we somehow realised what really matters- and who really matters in our relationships. We learned to show huge gratitude for those little things in life we used to take for granted.

We will appreciate humour more than ever and ‘taking things lightly’ might become our new survival strategy in life. At the end of the day when there is no more jokes and laughter left- what joy is there to navigate us through hardship?

We will crave specific people. Our family who might love far away. Our close friend who lives on his own in London and we can’t wait to see him soon. 

We will need to remind ourselves more frequently that our partner is not our enemy- and that we play for the same team. This means higher levels of empathy. Sharing of emotions. And sharing of daily ups and downs. 

So overall, the keywords to sum our new ambience up are resilience, adaptability and gratitude. These will be fundamental tools in the new world which we’ve already stepped into. And they will form all our relationships. Remember that if you are not giving your all to someone, then you are not giving your all to yourself either and you are looking at life pass you by instead of owning it.

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