NVC Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent communication? What would the violent one look like? Most of us have experienced it and it manifests in an aggressive choice of talk, the inability to listen or empathise, or to fail to find a common ground. Compassionate or collaborative communication is scientifically proven and was invented by Marshall Rosenberg in 1960, based onContinue reading “NVC Nonviolent Communication”

When communication sparks joy

Communication is definitely the most important indicator of a strong relationship. Although a lot of people are great communicators, not all are good listeners. And active listening does not just mean being able to repeat what our partner has said. It means truly understanding the deeper meaning and see where they’re coming from, as wellContinue reading “When communication sparks joy”

What is your survival strategy?

Most couples who come to me clearly appear to struggle with emotional regulation and emotional connection. But what exactly is this and how does it manifest? And how can couples start to recognise and validate what it is that is really going on in each other’s inner words? Our survival strategy is the behavioural patternsContinue reading “What is your survival strategy?”

Are you ready to rescue your relationship?

The first step to a successful coaching journey is for both you and your partner to admit that something is not working anymore. You’ve already decided that you are ready to invest to find clarity and transform your relationship, so well done for coming this far! During our sessions we will look at how you bothContinue reading “Are you ready to rescue your relationship?”