Staying emotionally connected

Some of us talk a lot, even too much, and it is important for us to have people around us who we can have deep, meaningful conversations with at the fireplace with a glass of wine.

Unfortunately, we don’t always talk about our emotions, impressions, worries or dreams to our partners. Why is that?

Sometimes we don’t want to burden him. 
Sometimes we are anxious that she will not get it or respond well to it.
Sometimes we are confused about what we are feeling in the first place.
Sometimes it hurts too much to talk about those things.
Sometimes we are protecting (or believe we are protecting) our relationship by not talking to them.

But expressing and sharing with our beloved one is the only way how to not feel lonely, abandoned or unseen in this crazy world. And yet you could argue that we already place countless expectations on him/her: they are our companion, soulmate, housemate, lover, co-parent, muse, sometimes business partner- so why do we expect them to be our best friend, confidant or therapist as well? Because we are now one unit. We invested everything we have and placed it on one horse. We put our eggs into one basket. We gave our life to them, our heart and trust.

And so it is their responsibility to hold us when we cry. To scoop us up when we’re bleeding on the ground. To cut the tree branches away and shine a torch when we’ve lost our way. And to hold our hand when we’re breathing out our last breath and tears roll down our eyes. 

And it is our responsibility to enable them to be the ONE for us and be there for us. By allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, to surrender and to open our hearts, minds and souls to the possibility of deep, lasting love.

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